Imperialism In Ancient Rome

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History has shown the rise and fall of civilizations throughout time. Throughout the ages, man has risen above the rest and then declined down to nothing. The idea that has stuck with a man was the idea to conquer and build and build a utopian city. The birth of imperialistic nations that grew from nothing and into something formidable. Nations as old as Persia, Macedonia, and even Rome have shown these views of imperialism as early as ancient times. In ancient times they were large civilizations that once have been empires that controlled enormously large territories of land because of numerous reasons.Even in 1858 when England owned India and when Japan went island hopping in the Pacific. Both of these nations demonstrated their power to…show more content…
The Colosseum doesn’t portray anything like a normal amphitheater. According to Lesley Dutemple “It was built nearly two thousand years ago for the purpose of hosting violent gladiator games.” These games were held during special celebrations with the start of the celebration being a parade through Rome with the gladiators followed by elephants. Once the rowdy crowds of people made their way into the Colosseum the opening act would be either the worst criminals from across the empire against food deprived and tortured beast. If it wasn’t convicts it would be newer gladiators against the savage beast, gather from across the empire. The beast where the most feared and deadliest animals from Africa to England and as far out as present day Turkey. These animals were maddened from starvation and thirst that they would hunt and kill anything that moved. If the beast did not hunt and put on a show, then the Beastmaster was brought out to the center of the arena and was publicly executed. Now the main event consisted of gladiator fights. Those chosen to become gladiators were one of three backgrounds. A gladiator could have been a free man looking for weapon training and fame within the arena. Another could have been an Ex Roman soldier. Lastly the gladiator could have been a slave from the outer reaches of the empire that was bought by the head of a gladiator school. Each gladiator could take up one of…show more content…
The city of Rome was the heart of the Roman empire and must have been protected at all times. Many of the other states in ancient western Europe built their cities on the coast for the riches of trade, but the Romans knew better and place Rome less than twenty miles inland away from the threat of sea invaders. Then, instead of finding a random spot they found the best defendable location along the Tiber river. According to David Macauley “Two large ditches were dug along the furrow and the dirt was heaped into a high mound between them.” With this mound of dirt they built stone walls approximately thirty three feet, on both sides of the mound. These walls were one of the strongest walls in the world during that time era. The wall was approximately eleven feet thick. Comparing Rome’s walls to those of other cities in the time period, such as Carthage and Thebes. Carthage was being six feet thick and forty five feet high and Thebes didn’t have any walls. The inner wall was raised several feet higher to protect the city from any projectile weaponry such as arrows, stones, or even spears. According to David Macaulay “The inner was several feet higher than the outer wall to block the path of rocks and arrows that might be fired into the city.” They then proceeded to build a heavy wooden reinforced door called a portcullis to be the entrance into Rome. Along each side of the door were giant watch
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