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Imperialism did not improve the lives of the colonized people as seen through the Social Darwinism used to take over the Congo, the direct control used to control India, and the Special Economic Zones and Sphere of Influence used to trade illegal substances with China. The lives of the colonized people were not improved by imperialism as the colonizers used a number of degrading tactics to take control over and assimilate colonies. They used the concept of Social Darwinism to take away the power from the people. Social Darwinism is the application of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution in society, meaning that the stronger, more intelligent people would conquer the weak. The supporters thought that the people at the top of society belonged there …show more content…

The colonizers also had a paternal mindset towards the colonies. Meaning, they looked at the colonies as children who were unable to make decisions for themselves and they should be treated as unequals. We can see all of these idea come through in the Congo when it was under the rule of King Leopold II. Sekou Toure, a West African Nationalist explained, “...[they] tried to strip us of our responsibility in conducting our own affairs and convince us that our civilization was nothing less than savagery” (African Imperialism Primary Source Docs Packet Doc 2). Here we see that the colonizers took away all power from the natives and treated them disrespect and as if they were not even human. In order to gain land they would trick the colonies and made them think the Europeans had special powers. This process is explained by George Washington Williams, who was a black American and historian when he writes, “... and when he gave the black brother a cordial grasp of the hand, the black brother was …show more content…

When colonizers come to a colony they use direct control to take over all aspects of life. A foreign style of government is put into place and foreign officials are brought into rule. The colony now has no control of themselves or their land. The colonizers goal is assimilation, or to make the group resemble the culture of the new controller. Before British rule, the Mughal Empire gave did not try to intervene with the local societies and let the people be who they wanted. They “...did not try to intervene in the local societies during most of its existence, but rather balanced and pacified them through administrative practices and diverse and inclusive ruling elites”(The Initial Colonization of India and the Later ‘Raj Era’ Reading p.1). Then, in the 1600’s a private company called the British East India Company established their dominance in trading goods from India and Great Britain. This caused more of the British to come to India and they started taking control of the country. Dadabhai Naoroji, and Indian explained “Europeans occupy almost all the higher places in every department of government...Natives, no matter how fit, are deliberately kept out of the social institutions” (Indian Primary Source Packet Doc 2). The British did everything they could to keep the Indians from taking back their power. While in control of the government they

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that imperialism did not improve the lives of the colonized people as seen through the social darwinists used to take over the congo, india, and special economic zones and sphere of influence.
  • Analyzes how the colonizers used the concept of social darwinism to take away the power from the people.
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