Impact of Visist California in Tourism

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Visit California is a nonprofit organization that was formed in 1998 at a governmental state level that encourages tourism to California. The organization is run by the executive committee and board members. The mission of the organization is “to develop and maintain marketing programs — in partnership with the state's travel industry — that keep California top-of-mind as a premier travel destination” (About Visit California, 2014). The 37 members Visit California commission include individuals from all 12 regions of California and they manage all properties of those regions (About Visit California, 2014). They provide services like “accommodations, restaurants and retail, attractions and recreation, transportation and travel services, and the passenger car rental industry” (About Visit California, 2014). Visit California is composed of many sources of income, such as sale taxes, fees, and more.

Overall Revenue

Visit California earned a majority of its revenue from compulsory income and earned income. Most of the revenue that goes towards Visit California is usually from the state and local tax receipts from when the visitors and travelers come into the state, which is $6.3 billion. Also along with the tax receipts, Visit California receives $30.4 billion from travel-related earnings (About Visit California, 2014).

Compulsory Income Gratuitous Income Earned Income Investment Income Contractual Receipts

$36.4 billion Unknown $102.3 billion $23.7 million $0

Table 1: Current Sources of Revenue

For gratuitous income, I believe that the organization receive grants from the government since it is from the public sector and fundraising is probably not the issue, since they have sufficient amount of revenue from tourists. Unfo...

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