Impact of Mobile Applications on Student Performance


This chapter presents the background of the problem, problem statement, scope of study, objective of the study, research questions, target users, limitations of the study, and definitions of the key terms as going to be used by the researcher of this work.
1.1 Background of the Study
This study implemented to expose the effects of the use of mobile applications hostile and critical of students in college and know the steps to overcome the results of this study. Nowadays most of the students have cell phones, this is due to the improvement of living standards and changes of globalization. Initially used cell phones to communicate with parents, but it has one generation by a few students who used to be immoral. Therefore, the impact of mobile applications for students will now be highlighted and a solution to fix the problem and see how this phone apps big impact on students.
The main purpose of mobile applications is to create a highly skilled and educated peoples or learners in the everyday life. Due to this, it is good to provide applications tools like internet, network hardware and software and other equipment and services associated with these technologies in order to go similar with globalization. So the integration of mobile applications in academic performance will help learners (students) to expanding learning opportunities and ensuring educational equality and relevance and many changes that occurring everyday in our lifelike globalization, education systems etc.
Also the impact of mobile applications on students’ academic performance at KPTMKL is currently in relation to use of digital media, primary computers and internet to facilitate in learning. This means that direct link between mobile applica...

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4) What new risks have emerged and risk responses include

7.0 Conclusion

In as much as mobile phone is a desirable and needed technological instrument which is appropriately suited for teaching and learning process, when wrongly used at certain location (like in the lecture room) by student of our higher institutions of learning, it could result to negative consequences that would affect the attainment of the required educational goals. This has been the issues when our students use their mobile phones in lecture rooms as revealed in the study. It is thus relevant to make it an educational issue for `needed further scholarly contribution. This is important because of the astronomical rise in the use of mobile phones and the applications among students in institutions of higher learning in KPTMKL.

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