Impact Of The Gaming Revolution On Societygames

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Understand the impact of the gaming revolution on societyGames in society Games have come a long way since the first commercially available game in 1972(pong). Back then they were just a few pixels on a screen; they were built with the sole purpose of entertaining people. But games have come a long way since then; this is because hardware today is capable of allowing games developers to create almost photo-realistic worlds. I think that games today can have affect people to a greater extent than ever before because it is easier to relate to something that looks like real life as opposed to blocky low resolution games of the 70 's. Excess playing time People are concerned some gamers are playing games for excessive periods of time, and that this may be having an adverse effect on both their physical and psychological health. A study by DR Andrew K Przybylski did a study on 2436 male and 2463 female young people between 10 and 15 years of age. He found the people who invested less than 1/3 of their free time showed higher levels of pro-social behaviour and life satisfaction, they also showed lower levels of conduct problems, hyperactivity, peer problems, and emotional symptoms when compared with non-gamers. Children who spent more than a half of their free time playing games had the inverse of the effects found with the less than 1/3 group. Social isolation When a new game is released today it can take players upwards of fifty hours to do and see everything that there is in a game, some people use all of their free time to finish the game. This means that that person may not leave their house or talk to a friend until they have finished the game. This has a negative social impact because there people who would rather finish a game ... ... middle of paper ... ...evelling up system. This is because it gives the player a sense of accomplishment to have started the game as a level 1 with not a lot of power or abilities, but by the time they reach the end of the game they are a much higher level. The levelling up aspect of RPGS is even seen in other game genres like casual games on the pc. They include a levelling system with experience points because again it tells the player that what they have been doing has increased their power level. But in many of these games especially games of the tile matching variety the player hasn’t gained anything extra. P2 – different computer games introduction In this document I will be talking about all of the different types of video games that there are and how they all fit together, I will also talk about how the games change and adapt depending on the hardware limitations of their platform.

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