Impact Of The Collapse Of Newspapers

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Today, Newspapers have been outsourced by radio, television and the internet. With access to information available by the minute, Newspapers are finding it harder to be able to keep up to par. Newspapers have been a reliable source of information for hundreds of years now but have been losing competition to new media hubs such as news television programs, radio stations and social media websites like twitter and Instagram. All of these new forms of access differ in one way from newspapers, in that newspapers are posted daily where new media hubs can update to the minute granting that information quicker than a newspaper could. In this assignment we are asked to imagine the collapse of the newspaper industry and how it would affect society and our community. In order to determine the impact newspapers have we need to identify what is immediately replaceable and what is not and how that would affect us personally.
Newspapers have been available for hundreds of years granting consumers access to information and current events. In the event of a newspaper
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Many people read the paper read the paper for a countless amount of reasons but are not limited to the paper. For example: If someone reads their horoscope in the paper every day and they lose accessibility to the paper, there will be other ways to get the horoscope online. Others may use the newspaper to search for a job or sell an item and now this is all available online on websites like craigslist or eBay. Before the internet and people had access to websites like craigslist these examples would immediately affect a community but today access to these websites would fill the void left by the newspaper collapse. The new technology and forms of communication are really taking over the newspapers audience. Most of the examples listed are relatively new solutions to a problem such as this
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