Impact Of The American Revolution On Europe

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The Impact of the American Revolution on Europe The signing of the Declaration of Independence was a major disadvantage to Europe. On July 4, 1776 the American Revolution formally began when the Second Continental Congress signed a declaration of Independence. This war lasted from 1775 to 1783 and also led to many casualties. The aftermath of the American Revolution effected Europe financially, politically, and revolutionary. The aftermath of the American Revolution had many financial effects on Europe. One way that the Revolution effected Europe financially was that it increased the country’s financial debt. web article states, “Britain spent a huge amount of money fighting the Revolutionary War, increasing national debt hugely and creating a yearly interest of nearly ten pounds”. This shows how the amount of funds that were contributed towards fighting in the American Revolution effected Europe in a financial way. Another financial effect that the Revolution had on Europe was that trading from the Americas was cut which caused stock and land prices to drop. The web article from also claims, “the trade which Britain relied on for wealth was severely interrupted, with imports and exports experiencing large drops and the recession which followed caused stock and land prices to plummet. Trade was also affected by naval attacks from Britain’s enemies, and thousands of merchant ships were captured. The Revolution also effected Europe financially in a good way by decreasing unemployment. states, “…and unemployment fell as Britain struggled to find enough men for the army...”. This is because the textile industries and naval supplies which made uniforms exp... ... middle of paper ... ...rliament was, to the French, similar to the conflict over taxation between the Kings of France and the people of France who had been represented in the judiciary by the hereditary noble-dominated parliaments of France”. Perhaps the greatest influence on the French Revolution from the American Revolution was the similarity between them with monarchies having total control over them. In his article, Richard Mackey writes, “These conflicts in France had has as their primary source the disagreement between the monarchical government, which had claimed absolute power, and the parliamentary judiciary system which had been, since 1615, the only institution which had had the right to question that absolutism”. These are all examples of how the French had used America has a model in their revolution and also how the American Revolution had an impact in the French Revolution.
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