Impact Of Social Classes In Cinderella

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A Comparative Analysis:
The Impact of Social Classes on Character Throughout the history of folklore and fairytales, many interpretations of tales have been created and introduced. When exchanged, many details have been lost in translation, only to be redistributed as a similar tale following a certain moral. But throughout the life of the tale “Cinderella,” one objective has never been misconstrued; the social structure and the status Cinderella falls and rises to. Many fairytales display a rise and fall of a protagonist, often in the case of social classes. The many versions of “Cinderella,” including Ever After, exhibit a definite, strong, monarchical settlement with a defined arrangement of classes that create and develop the beloved character of Cinderella, or Danielle De Barbarac, herself. In Perrault’s version of “Cinderella,” both in writing and the movie Ever After, a distinct caste system is placed upon the country of France. Cinderella, once being at the top of the social class, falls to the placement as a servant, with the lower half of the population, after her father passes away. The remarriage of Cinderella’s father, before his death, to a malevolent woman is the main perpetrator to Cinderella’s fall of social classes. In all variations of Cinderella, she is portrayed as a young, over-worked servant that still pertains a …show more content…

The force of submission to the upper-class allows a character of sympathy, humbleness, and modesty to shine through Danielle. In Ever After and Schectman’s portrayal of the many Cinderella stories, the lowest class often “feels harried and abused” and perhaps, that is when the definition of Cinderella’s character is created (Schectman

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  • Analyzes the impact of social classes on character throughout the history of folklore and fairytales. many versions of "cinderella" exhibit a definite, strong, monarchical settlement.
  • Analyzes how perrault's version of "cinderella" is a distinct caste system placed upon the country of france. the remarriage of her father is the main perpetrator to her fall of social classes.
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