Impact Of Polygamy In Hinduism

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Hinduism is a known religion in India. It is known for its phemenon practices. It is widely accepted all over India. Hinduism is known for its norm. the essential of Hinduism’ states “ the stage of life started with marriages”. In this culture teachers permitted marriages. After marriage a man lived the life of a household following the dictates of the scriptures. Among other things, he had to perform other rituals. He was in charge of a daily worship called agnihotra (Bhaskaranda, nd). The man was known to carry the responsibility to fulfill the desires of the woman by giving her gifts on holidays and festival. According to bhaskaranda, a wife was called sahadharmini, which means a partner in spiritual life. The husband and wife were expected…show more content…
In this religion, there are many phenomenon practices that need to be discussed. The first practice is polygamy. This involves a man having multiple wives. This practice was widely accepted in the religion because of the leader was a male, and males dominated the religion. Most will question, how was polygamy permissible and divorces were not permitted? This practice was looked upon by India governor, and became banned in the later years. From a logical perspective, when hearing the debarring of polygamy in the Hindi society, all questions and marvel were…show more content…
remaining open does not mean you accept it but openness signifies the love of Christ. We are not to reject it overtly but address it in the most secretive way. The objective is to demonstrate a sincere love. We have to make the out siders see Christ in us. My evangelism approach will come from roman 10;9 “confess with your mounth and believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord you shall be save,”. I will also explain the qualities Jesus. I will tell them that Christ love them so much, that he gave his life for you. Lastly, I will explain Isaiah 53, it states “ he was wounded for our transgression, bruised for our iniquity, the chastisement of our peace was laid upon him, by his strap you are healed” then I will explain the benefits of the Lord. Who forgiveth all iniquaties and heal all dedseases.
This Hinduism society is so far away from God. My approach towards discipleship is to teach the bible in a demonstrative way. So basically I will bring the word of God in a most literal way. There will be much rejection to the word of God. Considering their culture does not agree with the word, my approach to gain acceptance is to petition God to bring a spirit of peace and reconciliation. I will also ask God to send his spirit to lead the

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