Impact Of Job Enrichment On Motivation And Communication

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Goal Setting In this case study the author addresses goal setting at four different levels: employee, department, organization, and sector. Sector goals are imposed from outside of the organization. These may be determined by new or changes to existing government regulations, new technologies, cultural changes, or events affecting the Health Information Sector. Some sector changes can be anticipated and planned for in advance. Changes in legislation is one example of this type of change. Having advance knowledge allows the organization to begin developing new internal goals on organizational, departmental, and employee levels as needed. Unexpected events, such as a major health crisis, might necessitate Sector-wide changes in the goals of…show more content…
Of these these risks, the ones most associated with employee motivation are qualitative overload, quantitative overload, and role conflict. There is a fine balance in motivating employees between job enrichment through an expanded role within the organization and feeling overwhelmed. Role ambiguity and conflict, as well, can have an adverse effect on employee motivation. When employees are unclear as to what their exact role in the organization is, it can lead to stress and seeking another position. All of the potential downsides to Job Enrichment carry with them an element of miscommunication. As stress on an organization rises, awareness and communication fall. There is a tendency towards ‘siloing’ and turf conflicts. It takes great diligence in these situations to maintain clear channels of communication. This can be addressed with additional measures such as oversight by the organizations leaders. However, this can also push the quantitative overload up the hierarchy, causing its own

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