Impact Of Industrialization

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Between 1865-1920 there were defining and life altering technological improvements. The civil war ended and America was speeding towards a path of industrialization. During the war the North was already producing goods to aid their own cause and these factories only expanded in the years afterwards. However technology could single handedly improve the lives of Americans but also appear to make them worse. Middle class residents saw an improvement to daily life and they benefitted significantly during this time period. Factory workers gained little and their burdens were not eased as others’ had been. Factory workers had to face long hours and a shift to assembly lines while urban residents were introduced to medical advances, cheaper items, and overall improved living standards.
Factory workers directly experienced the rise of mass produced goods. They were put on assembly lines and were paid to handle unskilled monotonous work. There was a decline in the demand for skilled labor and many were forced to work in large factories. Since the labor became more unskilled employers turned...
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