Impact Of I Have A Dream Speech

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Martin Luther King Jr once said “If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.” That is just what MLK Jr. did. Little did King know that his speech would go off script and become one the the most famous speeches ever heard in the world. King’s once small speech became the reason everything changed for the Civil Rights Movement. Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech changed America for the better.

Martin Luther KIng Jr. gave the well known speech “I have a dream” on August 28, 1963. The Speech was held at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. Martin Luther King Jr’s message went out worldwide. It wasn’t just shown in the country, people all over the world watched the famous speech that day. The speech was
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and his “I have a dream” speech. King’s vision made the world a more equal place for everyone.(YourDictionary) King’s speech also brought more attention to the Civil Rights Movement. After the speech was given Congress moved faster in passing the Civil Rights Act in 1964.(White) This Act gave more freedom to African Americans by prohibiting racial discrimination in employment and education. The Act also outlawed racial segregation in public facilities. The Civil Rights Act was one the the two most successful Acts of the Civil Rights Movement, both passed one year after MLK Jr’s famous speech was given. The other Act passed was the 24 amendment, which abolished poll tax and allowed African Americans to vote.(Martell) Now, 50 years later, the “I have a dream” speech still moves people to tears. The most famous lines in the speech are recited by people all over the world. The four words “I have a dream” symbolized Martin Luther King Jr’s commitment to freedom, social justice, and nonviolence.(Kakutani) Today people of all colors are able to use the same bathrooms, go to the same hotels, and drink from the same water fountains. Everyone can attend the same universities, eat in the same restaurants, and play on the same sports teams. But the world isn’t perfect, there are still some people who believe that white skin is the “ruling color” and that they are better that black just because they are white. It’s not hard to tell that there is still progress to be made after the famous speech of equality given over 50 years ago.(“I Have a Dream by martin Luther King, Jr; August 28
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