Impact Of Fast Food In American Society

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Fast food and America Society
What do you think of when someone says “fast food”? Most people’s mind probably will show juicy chicken, crispy French fries, and delicious hamburgers. Fast food is a popular form of food in the United States, which makes me wonder how fast food affects American society. I read some articles and a book about fast food, such as “Junk Food”, “Introduction to Fast Food: At Issue”, and Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal. From my research, I learned that fast food is an indispensable part of American life. Most people know that most fast food is junk food. However, that does not stop people, and they still like to go to fast food restaurants since the food is so tasty. Fast food also meets American
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With the fast pace of life, people pay more attention to increasing their quality of life. Thus, Americans tend not to spend their free time cooking. One of the Founding Father of the United States, Benjamin Franklin said that “Time is money” (Brainyquote). Time has great value to Americans, so they do not want to waste it doing unimportant things. Most Americans want to use their time efficiently, which allows them to achieve desirable goals. Fast food chains offer Americans the opportunity to save time. Preparing French fries, fried chicken, and hamburgers in fast food restaurant only takes a few minutes, which satisfies people’s demands and expectations. For example, I often see some students or commuters buying breakfast at a fast-food restaurant when they are in a hurry to go to school or work. Also, when our family has a journey by car, we like to take a break at a fast-food restaurant. This not only saves our time, but it also fills our bellies. Moreover, fast food restaurants provide reasonable prices on food, which also attracts consumers. Thus, people prefer fast food. The article, “Introduction to Fast Food: At Issue” describes the problems that fast food brings to our society during the development of fast food. “In 1970, Americans spent about $6 billion on fast food; in 2014, fast food sales were projected to be more than $195 billion. According to a 2013 Gallup poll, eight in ten Americans report eating fast food at least once a month, with almost half saying they eat it at least once a week” (“Introduction to Fast Food: At Issue”). The statistics show that people really like to go to fast food restaurants. Although fast food is adapted to the demands of people’s fast-paced life style, fast-food production has a negative influence on American
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