Impact Of Computers On Education

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Computers and the internet have welcomed technology everywhere from factories to the classrooms. The increased exposure that computers are bringing to students is creating more worries than solutions. With the rampant increase of information on the internet, people are confused on whether to appreciate computers or to disown them. The internet has created a vast source of information, both positive and negative. This has resulted in the computer and internet being increasingly incorporated in the classroom, and students adopting it as a primary source of conducting research. The internet is not only full of valuable information; it contains some other features, which have enhanced students' lives and in some cases affected them negatively.
Computers have been in schools for almost a quarter of a century, but with the recent developments such as the introduction of the internet, learning has witnessed an unprecedented revolution. The information revolution has continued to gather momentum as the knowledge base increases. The internet usage in schools has become the basic building block of the society. In the developed nations, the computer and internet are classified among the core educational components along with numeracy and writing.
The positive effect of computers and the internet in improving innovation, sharpening skills, aiding in related school activities, and creating economic viability for future workers is indisputable. The use of computers has a valuable benefit of the eye to hand coordination; this is a valuable skill that is critical in the job market. Furthermore, the essence of education is to equip the learners with both life and job-relevant skills, and it has fulfilled this role perfectly. Alt...

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...tims of bullies based on their online profiles or information that they disclosed online. There are also reported cases of teenagers being stalked and murdered based on the information they provided online.
In conclusion, the introduction of computers and the internet in the classroom has enhanced students' lives and impacted learning positively through improved learning and research experience. Computers have affected the delivery of education and enabled a wider access to it as well. Furthermore, they have increased flexibility, breaking the geographical barriers in education and enabled students to access education anywhere and at any time. This has offered new possibilities for learners and impacted on education performance and success significantly. The internet has created a vast source of information, which can be shared to foster student's achievements.
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