Impact Of British Invasion On Rock Music

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The British invasion was one of the most important periods in the history of rock n roll. It brought many different bands and styles to America. Many bands including The Beatles, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, and Herman’s Hermits swept the nation with their music. Americans jumped into the hype and the British invasion changed rock n roll music forever. Without these British bands, rock music would never be the same. Rock music was not a top choice of music for many Americans in the 1950’s. Elvis was in the army. A lot of Americans were listening to jazz and folk music. The television show called American Bandstand made people view rock music differently. Started with Bob Horn who made a small regional rock show, it moved over to Dick Clark…show more content…
The Beatles and The Rolling Stones had the biggest impact on rock music and shaped the music styles and styles of the bands that came after them. There were many bands that tried to follow in the footsteps of The Beatles with more of a music style that was influenced by earlier pop music. These bands had the same type of vocals that The Beatles had and acted like The Beatles acted. Other bands tried to follow in the footsteps of The Rolling Stones using more of a blues influence in their music. They were the original bad boy boy band. This type of band has been copied for decades. They influenced many bands like The Beatles did. They might not have been as popular as The Beatles, but they were definitely the second most important band in the British invasion era. Other bands such as The Kinks and The Who didn’t try to be like The Beatles or The Rolling Stones and just wanted to do their own thing and this worked out and they had great success in the United States. There were many bands that were part of the British invasion and all of these bands ended up influencing all rock music and influencing all of the artists who came after them in rock n
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