Immigration in Cobb County

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Introduction Immigration is a topic that is increasingly brought up in politics and in everyday conversation with Republicans hinting in the beginning of 2014 about their sweeping new immigration policies. With such a national interest in the subject and being that politicians are supposed to be listening to their constituents’ opinions, polls have been introduced to determine public opinion on the subject. States such as Arizona and Texas are also introducing immigration policies independently of the federal government that are seen as harsh by many. Some are worried about the potential economic consequences of both legal and illegal immigration while others are more worried about the .. . Statement of the Problem Immigration is a nationwide topic that many people are becoming increasingly concerned about since the 1990’s (Williams, 2014). The concern is present and people are wanting some sort of action to be taken, even if politicians think it is too polarized to get into right now (Blakesee ????). Members of Congress need to be informed about their constituent’s opinions on topics in order to make informed votes in Congress and to keep public opinion positive about them (NEED CITATION). The best way to do this is with town hall meetings or through polls and surveys that can be conducted to establish political opinion on a topic or problem. Many peoples’ opinions stem from either economic or cultural fears of immigration so if law makers know their constituents reasons for being against immigration, they will be better able to make laws that address those concerns. Purpose of the Study The purpose of this quantitative survey is to determine public opinion in Cobb County as to why people are against immigration in order to b... ... middle of paper ... ... in the United States against known illegal aliens to check their immigration status. This happens regardless of the local communities’ wishes because local municipalities already send fingerprints to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and it forwards them to ICE under the program for a check on their status (Cox & Miles 2013). Summary Immigration is a political polarizing topic and present in politics at the moment with many studies published on the topic recently enough to be of significance. The federal government has various interests in controlling the flow of both legal and illegal immigrants, all of which come down to what the voters want. The voters have various reasons for wanting to stop new immigrants from arriving, or to deport immigrants from the country. These reasons can largely be put into one of two categories, economic or cultural reasons.

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