Immigration Stereotypes Essay

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Since the beginning, America has always been a nation of immigrants, but many times the very same America seems to forget. As of today there are millions of immigrants who are looked down upon by American-born citizens who were freed by their immigrants ancestors generations ago. Today in the year of 2016 immigration is a burning topic in American politics and in regular discussions around the country. Many allege that Immigration has and continues to ruin America others disagree. Most of the time the people who are against immigration are the ones who only know the single stories about immigrants or simply aren 't educated enough on the topic. Unfortunately out of these single stories believed about immigrants and immigration as a whole stereotypes…show more content…
This particular stereotype is the most dangerous towards immigrants because it creates the idea that immigrants only come here and destroy the economy that is already suffering by itself. The reality though is different research shows that immigrants contribute around ten billion dollars annually to the Social Security System without ever receiving any of the funds back. Not only immigrants contribute to a major economic system that will help future Americans retirees have better lives but, also generate money from the creation of small businesses that contribute roughly around 776 billion dollars into the American economy every year. According to the Small Businesses Administration, immigrants are 30 percent more likely to start a business in the United States than non-immigrants. This shows that immigrants are risk takers and that they spend money into the U.S. economy by launching businesses that will create a stronger economy for…show more content…
He brings to our attention that 70 percent of the immigrants who arrive to America are young, strong and ready to work for a low amount of money. This means that the U.S. gets a new labor force without ever spending any funds into their education, wellbeing or health care and these same immigrants will be the ones who contribute 500 billion dollars into the economy within 20 years. As we know the U.S. economy is facing a dangerous crisis do to baby boomers who will soon be retiring and this will have a huge economic impact. As a result, immigrants will help sustain the American economy once the crisis worsens. The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce, says, “Under these circumstances, immigrants will play a critical role in replenishing the labor force and, therefore, the tax base.” Proving that immigrants do not drain the economy but actually contribute a great amount of funds and keep creating a moving economy. Immigrants do not drain the economy just like they don 't take away jobs away from American-born
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