Immigration Reform

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Immigration Reform

The foundation of the United States of America is based on the migration of people from other countries. The migration to the United States between 1820- 1914 accelerated the Industrial Revolution, and started to improve transportation at a faster rate (Goldfield, 2005). Since America is considered the melting pot of the world, immigration is an important topic that needs to be regulated constantly. Foreigners are encouraged to travel to America for a better life, and more job opportunities, but the process for even applying for a green card can be nearly impossible for many immigrants. Numerous immigrants are driving innovation, creating companies and jobs, and are also entrepreneurs. Well-educated and trained foreign workers are inventive and productive (, 2013). These immigrants do not always have the means and the ability to take these skills, and become a citizen with the current immigration laws. As the American population is constantly growing there are over 11 million illegal immigrants unspoken for. ( This means that there is $23 billion dollars worth of taxes not being paid each year (, 2012).

Immigration Reform in History

Immigration reform has evolved over time beginning with the Immigration Act of 1924. This act limited the amount of immigrants allowed entry into the United States by establishing a national origins quota (, Milestones). The quota only allowed two percent of people from each nationality to receive a visa. Asia was not included in the quota.

By 1952 the Immigration Act evolved into The Immigration and Nationality Act. The Immigration and Nationality Act is still in effect today, but has been modified through...

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