Immigration Problems in the United States

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Immigration problems are not just a problem in Arizona but a problem throughout the United States. The definition in the Webster dictionary, an illegal immigrant or alien is a non-citizen whom has entered the United States without government permission or who has stayed beyond the termination date of the visa is consider an illegal immigrant or alien. Arizona’s newly enacted immigration law, which was meant to stem human trafficking and drug-related border violence, has been criticized by many as a way of racial profiling. The House Bill 2126 which makes it a state misdemeanor crime for any illegal alien to be in Arizona without carrying registration documents’ required by the federal law. The bill also helps the state and local law enforcement crack down on any individuals sheltering, hiring and transporting illegal aliens. The law requires police to question people about their immigration status, if officers suspect the person is in the US illegally, and if they have stopped them for a legitimate reason. The paragraph on intent in the legislation says it embodies attrition through enforcement doctrine. Civil rights groups have said Arizona's new law paves the way for widespread discrimination against Hispanics. Religious leaders in the US and Latin America have denounced Arizona's controversial new immigration law. The legislation, which is set to take effect on 29 July, will also make it a crime to be in Arizona without immigration papers. Bishop John Webster of Salt Lake City, head of the US bishops' committee on migration, warned it could lead to racial profiling and create divisions between the police and immigrant communities. Archbishop Munoz said the measure would "make it possible to detain someone based on their externa... ... middle of paper ... ...y believed in. the question has been addressed about this law, does it violate the rights of an individual who looks like they are here illegal or an illegal immigrants to be stopped an asked to show some kind of document proving citizenship like a “green card” permanent residency document or a passport. There are a lot of issues and concerns regarding this law that not only affect the Americans citizens in Arizona but Americans individuals who are here legally educational, medical, work labor an crime which address the use of illegal drug trafficking across the US an Mexican border. The enforcement of the US border security is another problem that affects the national security, the concern address the issues of who and what are crossing the border into the united states control these access points to the US and very viral to the safety of the American citizens.
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