Immigration Persuasive Essay

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Do you feel safe in your own country? We have been home to many people who do not deserve or hold the privilege to be in The United States of America. Many people do not realize the effect that immigration puts on our country, from overpopulation, to lowering the number of jobs. The higher people and politicians of The United States of America need to start taking matters into their own hands and protecting American citizens, and Americas beautiful country. 13% of our population is made up from immigrants, this number may seem small but it is an extremely important factor that plays into job opportunities for Americans. Out of a 318 million “Americans” 41 million of them are immigrants. There may not be an easy way to solve this rapidly…show more content…
There of course have been a few promises by President Obama saying that an immigration reform will be put into place but no such action has occurred to this date. The solution to this problem is going to cost millions of dollars but is something that needs to be done so that America can regain their own country and start worrying about other extremely important problems and not have to worry again about an outside party. Something that would be an efficient way of doing which would be trying to create something along the lines of a treaty with Mexico or any country with immigrants in America, ensuring those equal jobs to the ones they have in America. This will cost millions of dollars but many agree that the money spent is being used wisely, opening America back up to Americans people. Now this will not rid every single immigrants so there needs to be another plan to find the immigrants that just do not want to cooperate and go back, of course, costing America more and more money. No matter what happens to be able to get them out of The United States of America, America will be forced to unload a huge chunk of money, but in the long run will be very beneficial to every American. With the suggested plan of creating a treaty, whichever country having immigrants in America will have to pay for their peoples’ to be exported back, this will save America a significant amount of money they can use on other
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