Immigration Laws On The United States

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The most popular issue in this current Presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has been Immigration and how to deal with illegal aliens also know undocumented immigrate. Both candidates advocate need of effective immigration reform in order to tackle this issue, but they have taken different approaches. Mr. Trump want mass deportations of the illegal immigrant , Muslim migrant bans and building wall on the USA southern border to keep away people from coming into the country and increasing the number border patrol officers . On the other hand Ms. Clinton desires creating a pathway to citizenship, immigrant integration and protection for the children that are born here from deportation. As an immigrant student I have deep understanding of this issue and there are points that I agree and disagree on both nominees, with Trump I agree with him deportation for those who broke the law and the Increase enforcement of immigration laws, and I agree with Hillary on her new immigration legislation that would create easy path way to citizenship because it have positive effect on the economy and society as whole. Mr. Trump is well known on his radical policy proposals and the logical fallacies argument which he quietly often bring into play when it comes to immigration and border issue. In all fairness there are some policies that I agree with him such as increasing Border Security, and effective deportation on those who broke the law by entering USA illegally. On this first speech when he was addressing illegal aliens he said, “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They... ... middle of paper ... ...In the appraisal of overall influence of the immigrants on the economy of the United States of America we should take into consideration only facts and make corresponding conclusions, and we should not be guided by our own emotions and prejudices. The facts say that America needs qualified employees more and more, and the domestic labor-market cannot offer enough qualified and highly motivated workers. The shortage of labor-force grows each year and thus the US has to attract foreign workforce in order to satisfy the need of specialists. The next fact is that immigrants actively search for jobs, start their own businesses, create new jobs, contribute significantly into the country’s GDP and budget. Immigrants are also one of the primary sources of foreign currency flow into the money market and thus help to fulfill the foreign currency reserves of the national bank.

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