Immigration In The Kite Runner

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In the 21st century, every nation strives to progress in the aspects of innovation. Competing countries fear losing valuable immigrants since they provide a greater vision to boost the economy. More than half the population of each country consists entirely of immigrants with different background ethnicities. As immigrants, it is challenging to appeal to the native borns since there are battles for jobs and space. However, The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini and a variety of opinion columns give an insight of how immigration can benefit everyone. More specifically, published by The New York Times: The Easy Problem by David Brooks, and Immigration Enriches You and Me by Nicholas Kristof promote immigration based on previous studies on global…show more content…
A company known as the Career Edge put “more than 1300 immigrants in internships with over 350 host employers in all sectors of the workforce” (Deans). In this case, large amounts of immigrants are instantly placed in work from their knowledge and skill. Referring to the novel, the hard work Amir 's father portrays from Afghanistan made Amir acknowledge how “one month after [the arrival] in the U.S.,Baba found a job [...] as an assistant at a gas station” (Hosseini 137). Amir notices how Baba easily got accepted for the job. Also, Baba is the only employer who speaks English and Pashto. In turn, both the manager and Baba benefit since the shop attracts more Afghanistan customers and Baba gets to talk in his native language. By having workers and advanced technology aid in the marketing branch of the workforce, a balance of stock and distribution will be convenient for citizens. People can easily buy and sell their goods leading to a sustained economic growth. Furthermore, immigration results to a successful economy from skills in work ethic from every worker. From Toronto’s Lessons on Immigration, it predicts that “100 percent of Canada’s labour growth will come from new immigrants”(Deans). The community will be made up of all foreigners participating in new programs hosted by Canada. In Toronto’s Innovation Strategy, the…show more content…
Taxes balance out the money we own, in order to benefit ourselves and the community. Many citizens believe that immigrants are abusing their money since they do not earn any expenses for the government. Although this may be true, according to the Center for American Progress, “migrants [entering] in the workplace system, will contribute $45 billion over five years in payroll taxes” (Kristof). To emphasize, immigrants supply more than enough to support the economy. Similarly to the novel, Baba and Amir are seen to earn enough money through the “market [that] was crowded that day and sales had been strong - it was only 12:30 but we’d already made $160” (Hosseini,152). That is to say, Afghans give more share into the government to lower the cost of public services such as food, home, healthcare, and childcare for everyone’s affordability. A life is granted full of aspirations since several immigrants work hard for their goals to get what they deserve for the future. Finally, the pay will increase because of the dedication that immigrants have for work. From the Economic Policy Institute, Heidi Shierholz, confirms the “increase [in] overall American wages about $3.68 per week” (Brooks) from immigration. By having more pay, families are able to financially support themselves due to a significant amount of money they receive. Comparatively to The Kite Runner, Amir

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