Immigration And Mexican Immigration

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The United States has always been referred to as a nation of immigrants, ranked number 1 immigrated country in the world, with an approximate of 45 million immigrants America has more than four times as many living in any other nation according to the United Nations. Nearly 11.6 million immigrants from Mexico reside in the country (established by the 2013 ACS accounting) with a 28% of percent of all U.S. immigrants, Mexico represents the largest source of incomers. Mexican Immigration has changed several cultural aspects of the America. America´s pull factors as well as Mexican push factors have been strong enough for Mexican immigrants to move to this country and take with them their traditions, heritage and customs to include them
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Between 1942 and 1964 4.6 million of Mexicans were admitted to do farm work in the U.S, many Mexicans returned month after month with money for them and their families. (Philip, Martin. "Braceros: History, Compensation." Braceros: History, Compensation - Rural Migration News | Migration Dialogue. N.p., Apr. 2006. Web. 16 Apr. 2015. <>). After five years of the program it finally ended in December 31, 1947 giving both countries problems; Mexico lacked of farm-laborers, there were not enough people to employ while the United States was overwhelmed making it harder for Americans to find a job. There where by then illegal Mexican workers that were not in the program and immigrating to America without any documents, this situation benefited both American companies and Mexican workers. For the companies it was cheaper and easier to employ illegal Mexicans rather than the ones that belonged to the program because that way they wouldn 't have to pay for transportation and Mexican workers would not have to wait to get in the recruitment lists for the bracero