Immigration And Immigration Issues

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The United States comes to face many issues now these days. An issue that the United States faces over and over is immigration. Every year immigration policies change within time. While the immigration policies change it affect people and other organizations. People all around the country are becoming active towards this issue. Through this paper, I be showing the alliance of forces by explaining the people active around this issue, how they line up, various opinions of people, and how their power can influence the immigration policies.
Who are active around this issue? The people to be well known to be active on this issue are students outside the United States, non-citizen, and last but not least organization and institution. Students outside
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Some organizations has come to face low finical income, and lack of support from the government. They run on donations, fund raisers, and their finical budget. They may not have much to support, but their support means more than anything because they protect these students/non-citizens from being deported. Institutions try their best to get as many students to higher their education in the United States. They help students receive their visa and higher their education. But they come to a point where the visa is expired after they finish school. In some case, the institutions would renew the student visa into a work visa were now the student is allowed to work for the school and stay in the United States after graduating. Institutions are losing their license to obtain students with visa on their campus. So not many are being able to stay here after graduating. They line up this issue by giving the students their voice the power to speak and make a change in the community. Because we the people is what makes this country, without the people there would be no country. Institutions fight for their right of their students and create new laws for their student’s right. They all come to face many obstacles on their way or after, but they never stop there, they continue to fight for their dreams because America is the place where dreams come…show more content…
But in reality immigrants are seeking for success for themselves and the Nation as well. They may not have much power, but together they can gain the power to make it a better future for the nation and themselves. You may say they are not useful, but they
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