Immigration And Crime Essay

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Immigration to the United States is a complex demographic phenomenon that has been a major source of population growth and cultural change throughout much of the history of United States (Immigration to the United States). Some of immigration move to United State they develop their life better than before, in another world they successfully making American dream come true. On the other hand, some of immigration went to the road of crime. Crime is an illegal action or activity for which a person can be punished by law (The Definition of Crime). The relationship between immigration and crime are unauthorized immigrant, prohibit poor , and criminality. Unauthorized immigration is the migration of people across national borders in a way that violates…show more content…
Prohibit poor is one of the reason why immigrant violent crime activities. According to "Is Immigration Responsible For The Crime Drop? An Assessment Of The Influence Of Immigration On Changes In Violent Crime Between 1990 And 2000", “In economic models, individuals in weaker labor market positions have lower opportunity costs and therefore less to lose by participating in crime (Becker, 1968). Similarly, in social control theory, those with weaker bonds to the labor market experience fewer restraints on their behavior and are thus more likely to participate in crime (Crutchfield and Pitchford, 1997; Wadsworth, 2006). To the degree that immigration floods the market with unskilled workers (some of whom will work for lower wages due to their illegal status), it may weaken the labor market positions, and thus increase the criminal propensities, of both immigrant and native workers alike. ” Poverty is one of the reason immigration violate to the crime. Immigration is cheaper than the national worker. Immigrants feel they working same amount of hour but being treated differently, it can make immigrate work feel unsatisfied, and more worthy violence. Therefore the social control will be one of the reason of…show more content…
According to Journal of American Ethnic History , “While Immigration and Crime disrupts notions that automatically associate immigrants with criminality, it leaves room for the criminalization of other groups. Considering institutional practices and their impact on how we understand crime furthers the conversation that Martinez and Valenzuela have generated on the connection between immigration and crime. ” People think all the criminality is connect to the immigrante, this mind is print in people’s mind, this also makes society think most of criminality is connect to the

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