Immigration : Advantages And Disadvantages

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Immigration: Advantages and Disadvantages in the US Economy Immigration has always been a topic of controversy, and the effects that immigration has on the United States are countless. Debates approach to whether or not the United States should take radical measurements against the eleven million-population living illegally in the United States and how the United States should address them (Costa et al). Such a controversy conveys deeper understanding of the current situation. In order to speak about immigration several factors should be analyzed: how is immigration contributing and/or hurting the United States economy? What weighs the most, the advantages or disadvantages? What’s the opportunity cost of taking one decision or the other? The immigration effect on the economy has positive and negative effects that cancel each other out. Many agree that immigration not only brings increased costs but it is the engine of economic growth. At the most essential level immigrants increase the amount of people in the labor force. On the other hand when businesses contract illegal immigrants they are paid in cash, which affects negatively the economy because business do not pay the correspondent tax for those salaries. Yet, because of their legal status, these people get paid lower wages, and so it benefits firms and business because they do not pay as much for labor as if they were paying to American citizens. As a consequence of the cheap labor, businesses are prone to increase their levels of raw materials, equipment, technology, and production, leading to an increase in investment. Immigrants not only work within industries, they also open their own establishments (which would be the case for those immigrants that come under a leg... ... middle of paper ... ...y case the question should be if it is worth it and logical. Deporting all illegal immigrants back to their country would not only be expensive but it would hurt the economy. Is important to keep in mind that unauthorized immigrants are also consumers of goods and services. Therefore, they activate economic activity and create jobs. If unauthorized immigrants are deported, the number of jobs created would decrease and so would the economic activity that they generate. It would probably better to bring these people that are already in the United States out of their illegal status and so they could better contribute to the economy and uncover all the economic growth potential. Work Cited Daniel Costa, Cooper David, and Shierholz Heidi. “Facts About Immigration and the U.S. Economy.” Economic Policy Institute. 12 Aug.2014. Web. 26 Nov. 2015.
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