Immigration : A Nation Of Immigrants

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A Nation of Immigrants No one can disagree with the fact that the United States of America was built by immigrants. We would not be the great nation that we are today without the hardworking immigrants who came here in hopes of a better life, and made one. That is, essentially, why people immigrate to the United States, and it has been happening for years, so why does it seem to such an issue in recent years? The United States Immigration System has been inefficient for quite some time, and the Department of Homeland Security even deems it “broken” (Executive Actions on Immigration). You see, the biggest problem with immigration is the illegal immigration. I believe most can agree on that, in some way or another. Our immigration system makes it extremely hard to attain United States citizenship. The United States has a very intensive applicant system, a very expensive fee to pay, in addition to legal fees many opt to take on so that they can have a lawyer assist with the process, and acceptance is in no way guaranteed. In recent years, as citizenship applications have increased, so have the number of denied applicants and deported immigrants (Preston). It is no wonder that people come here illegally, when people who are model citizens like the thousands who apply for naturalization get denied and are sent back every year. Our broken immigration system is what I believe drives people to come here illegally. I think that we need to improve our immigration system to make it more affordable and a less exhausting process. In 2014, President Barrack Obama issued a series of executive actions regarding immigration reform. Unfortunately, they have been suspended by a federal court and will not be implemented. I find this to be very disap... ... middle of paper ... ...itizenship (Hilary Clinton on Immigration). In 2003, Clinton sponsored the DREAM act, a proposed legislation that grants a pathway to citizenship for alien minors who would normally by unable to attain citizenship (A Comparison of the DREAM Act and Other Proposals for Undocumented Youth). I would assume that if Hillary were elected president, she would implement immigration reform the way the President Obama tried. I hope she is successful, because our country needs immigration reform. America is a melting pot of cultures. It is the blending of different cultures over these past centuries that has made America the great country that it is. To let our immigration system continue in its current state would be hurtful not only to the thousands who wish to come to this country for a better life, but America as whole, including those like myself who live here legally.
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