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Latin American colonialism, and imperialism history can explain the “illegal” construction of undocumented immigrants in the U.S today. “Illegality” is viewed as a socio-political condition as well as a product of social construct. “Illegality” is a result of the U.S immigration law that was created with only capitalism goals in mind. Since the discovery of the New World, globalization created a high demand of cheap labor and goods. As a result, places with high mineral goods and natural resources such as Latin America were colonized and exploited for cheap labor. Today, Latin America people are still oppressed but by their new colonizer the United States. I will argue that the United States constructed “illegally” to disciplined and create vulnerability among undocumented immigrants in order to continue to benefit from cheap labor. In addition, “illegality” stops social mobility among undocumented immigrants by oppressing them therefore, continuing white supremacy.
For a start, white supremacy ideals were engraved into Latin America since the “discover” of the new world. In American Holocaust, The Conquest of the New World “Before Columbus” by David Stannard the Aztec empire is described as a complex society, highly sophisticated city with advance architecture and agricultural techniques never before seen. Although early colonizers such as Cortez admire the civilization, from the start beginning with Columbus there was a sense of superiority between the colonized and the colonizer. As a result, the colonizer began exploiting and oppressing the indigenous people of Latin America.
In a capitalist society division of labor is a key component, “the division of labor among nations is that some specialize in winning and others in los...

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...n social class. The United States added policies and took benefits away in the attempt to remove power from the working class. An imperialist government does not want the working class to prosper so they can remain rich and powerful resulting in white supremacy. Latin Americans have been marginalized since the “discover” of the new world, which has made them historically vulnerable. The U.S government knows they have the power to exploit immigrants, for those reasons, “illegality” was constructed. The U.S government wants to free piggy back ride of Latin American land and now the labor of their people but they can only do this if they do not offer them any citizenship benefits to maximize their profits. Undocumented immigrants are metaphorically the mode of production of the capitalist United States since they are only maintained (paid enough) to continue running.

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