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Immigration especially during this times of economic hardship tend to bring up negative feelings and opposition in many Americans, especially illegal immigration. I understand the opposition that people have towards illegal immigration. Right off the bat the term illegal immigration is negative, after all it means that laws have been broken making those immigrants criminals. And when most of us think of criminals we think bad people. With that kind of baggage it’s hard not to be against illegal immigration but as we read in the article immigration, even illegal immigration has some positive implications for the country and for the economy. In the article by Tyler Cowen, “How Immigration Creates More Jobs”, the author goes on to point out how immigration (even illegal immigration) helps the economy. “Over all,” Cowen writes, “it turns out that the continuing arrival of immigrants to American shores is encouraging business activity here, thereby creating more jobs”. Additionally a recent Forbes, article also expounded the benefits of immigration saying, “Many immigrants are natural entrepreneurs, establishing companies, creating jobs, and driving innovation. Well-educated and highly trained foreign workers are inventive and productive. Expanded work forces increase business flexibility, allowing companies to quickly respond to changing demands. Larger labor forces also encourage specialization. Labor productivity rises as companies adjust to larger work forces and invest in employees.” (Bandow) Let us also remember that Americans also benefit from the cheap labor of illegal immigration. It is thanks to these immigrants that are willing to do the tasks that many Americans do not want to do (such as agricultural labor) that Americans can enjoy the produce of that labor for a cheaper price than would otherwise be achieved without the immigrants. At the same time I do
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