Immigrates in the New World

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1. Success for immigrants in the United States did not come easy. The United States had set factors that they required all immigrants to succeed in, these factors included: having money, being in small numbers, locating in different areas, having only good stereotypes, and assimilating.
The key to success in the United States is to have money, and a lot of it. The problem is most immigrants that migrated over to the United States were poor. Immigrants migrated over for job opportunities so they were able to take care of themselves and/or family. If an immigrant did migrate over with no money, this forced them to take the first job opening. The first job opening was the lowest paying and forced them to stay in the same location that they were dropped off at. The White Anglo Saxon Protestants accepted the immigrants that did have money. For example, the Germans were considered the model immigrants because they had money. Germans were always chosen first for jobs over Irish, Chinese, African Americans, and etc. Germans were the managers of these jobs, and would be promoted quicker then any other immigrants. Since the WASP favored the German Immigrants were able to….
To maintain power, WASP required immigrants to migrant in small numbers. Small numbers were good because immigrants would assimilate much faster and it was easier for WASP to have control over them. To have control over immigrates WASP, would put them in schools that would assimilate their children. Hinder certain immigrants from getting good paying jobs. Then eventually create laws that controlled who and how many immigrants that could migrate over. If immigrants were locating in one area they would not assimilate and would continue to practice their religion, la...

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... of their skin and assume negative stereotypes about someone. For example, because I am African American I have often heard that “I talk proper for a black person” or “I am attractive for a back girl. Those statements are extremely degrading and offensive towards my race. Yes, America has made a great amount of progress with accepting other races but there is still much work to be done.
Now I look at race, ethnicity, and nationality in a new perspective. A race doesn’t just define someone based on his or her skin color. No race is better then another and no one should be treated as inferior. Any race can share the same nationality and ethnicity. Once people stop assuming negative things about people based on their skin tone, I believe racism would end. Today, the United States has involved into the land of the free for all races, nationalities, and ethnicity.
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