Immigrants And The United States

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Immigration to the United States provide many benefits to immigrants and the nation in the past, and now. The United States was a great option for people to start a new life in due to being in new territory, and being in a place where you could have a fresh start. Many immigrants from all around the world immigrated to the United States in search of the American dream. Others immigrated to the United States for freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and many other rights that weren’t provided in their home country. Immigration helped to make America grow into a big and diverse nation even though some people believed immigrants were bad. Immigration had many ties to the several other themes we’ve discussed in class. For example, immigration helped enrich the idea of civil rights. With the population growing at millions every year, there had to be more issues with discrimination based on religion, national origin, and race. The civil rights movement helped to outlaw the discrimination and guaranteed equal protection from the government despite race, religion or national origin. Immigrants were given the privilege to vote which helped to pick a president that would be fair to all races and ethnicities. The Chinese Exclusion Treaty also helped enrich the effects of civil rights. This treaty allowed chinese laborers who were already in the United States the freedom to travel to and from, the United States under their free will. This was one of the privileges of being an American citizen, but it was also granted to immigrants. Also, they were given all the rights, privileges, immunities and exemptions that were given to American citizens. Immigrants were treated fairly in the new world. They were provided protection and security fr... ... middle of paper ... ...ecause they are overpopulating the United States, taking all of our jobs, or they are trying to change the United States. These reasonings are untrue because immigrants helped shape America into what it is today. Immigrants were great contributors to America’s history. They helped to create civil rights that were fair to everyone. Immigrants provided different cultural backgrounds for other people to learn about and experience. Immigrants helped our economy by working jobs that Americans didn’t want to work, and by paying taxes. Lots of immigrants also helped America grow by providing innovative ideas to help with technological advances. During times of war, immigrants were the ones that helped to keep America functioning while most Americans were out fighting. To conclude, Immigrants aren’t bad, but rather they are enriching our diversity and impact as a big nation.

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