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Immigrants To accomplish the task of writing this Immigrant paper, I interviewed four individuals that immigrated here to the United States. I found one person who immigrated from china, one from Jamaica, and two from Italy. I found there to be quite a difference in each of the characters, especially from china to Italy. Matasja Liu is my interviewee from China. She came here with her husband about 25 years ago, because she was unsatisfied with her original country. She explained to me that china had oppressive policies, and “America sounded like a place where you could have a better future for your children and for yourself”. Matasja liked many things about America, including the ability to vote, the ability to have one’s own religion, the amount of opportunity, and she especially liked the ability to have more than one child, considering that she has two children. One freighting incident that she explained to me about how she likes America includes her personal safety. “Not being worried about being dragged off in the middle of the night or beaten to death” this feeling came because this happened to her mother. One night, she was dragged from her home, and severally beaten, most every bone in her body was broken. Matasja told me it was because of the communists taking over. What Matasja told me she doesn’t like about this country is that the people are spoiled. She thinks that we don't know how good we have it here. I agree also. She said “We expect everything handed to them on a silver platter”, “they expect get rich quick plans” “they’re apathetic” Matasja misses her family she left behind in China. She goes back often, but she is still sad that they don’t live closer to her. Her advise... ... middle of paper ... ...e also told me that me asking the questions made her think of all the things she left behind in Italy. I had the most trouble with this interview because of the communication barrier. But, the information I got was very helpful, and I learned from her. I learned from everyone that I interviewed. I learned quite a bunch of things about communication, heritage, and history from talking to these people. Everyone was very nice to me, and gave an abundance of information that I will never forget. I enjoyed doing this assignment, and talking to all of these great people. I have another racing buddy that came to America from Germany when he was a teenager, but he hasn’t been around, so I missed out on interviewing him. I think I’ll discuss things with him next time I see him, because I am now interested in his responses to these questions.

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