Immigrant Assimilation Essay

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Ana Rusch Final Research Paper 04/18/2014 “How Does Neighborhood Residence Affect Immigrant Assimilation?: Cubanidad in Miami and Berlin” Introduction Space and place both intimately affect social, economic, and political processes. These processes are most visible in the localized neighborhood level of analysis. This is because neighborhoods are the most personal level of collective analysis. People tend to adapt and grow in relation to the geographical space they live in. In the article “The Impact of Metropolitan Residential Segregation on the Employment Chances of Blacks and Whites in the United States” Niki Dickerson Von Lockette stated, “neighborhoods function as a developmental contact and shape outcomes both directly and indirectly” (Pg. 258). And one of group of people that is most affected by these neighborhood developmental processes are immigrants. Immigrant assimilation is closely tied to geographic location, as it not only depends on the economic and the political but also on the social. Using Cubans as my case study, this paper aims at articulating how and if n...
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