Immanuel Kant

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Immanuel Kant is an intellectually bright and spirited man who lived in the late 1700’s. One can tell he is an intellect or philosopher because of the stylization of the way he places his argument on the page. First he organized his thoughts enough to make several critical points of thinking, trying to express his conviction and truth behind his logic. As he introduces his points, he is careful to assess how much information he places in one section as to not rush or confuse the reader, yet this gait ensures that the audience notes and understands his vision and there is plenty of time for contemplation both during and after the reading.
The use of examples throughout the text demonstrates that Kant is in tune with his audience, has already foreseen questions and revelations that the reader might understand, often drawing pause to reiterate a point not easily understood. Kant also makes the reader feel as if he is a great teacher or orator, because both of these professions use the same style of extending the point, yet covering back for understanding and inclusion of the group. From his style of writing, one can assume that he truly has a progressive thought and a passion for what he thinks and feels about the subject. The document was prepared to become an argument or assertion at looking at our enlightenment in a different manner than what was previously thought. The occasion of the creation is to ready the world for such a brand new concept and ideology.
With any new idea or concept, especially in the realm of intellectual thinking, every philosopher or thinker fears they may be wrong. They also might not be perceived in a healthy, open-minded way and the readers might disagree or disassociate themselves from what is bein...

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...nds. The text tells us in no uncertain words that we are lazy thinkers and that we as a society are “dummied-down” in our thinking and choices we make for ourselves. The text makes no excuses for our drastic unconcern for our thinking and our creative selves. Even three hundred years ago, the impassioned Kant was not afraid to call society dumb in its beliefs.
As said earlier, Immanuel Kant was one of the great thinkers and intellects of his time. The concept of Enlightenment and the process in which we think of that concept has changed in small, minimal ways yet as it stands this document is a true testament to knowledge, to the garnering of new knowledge with old facts, and most of all, still stands as one of the truest documents ever written about the ideology behind this subject. Obviously, Immanuel Kant and his truth still impact us far beyond his time.
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