Imagine Eighteen

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March 26th, 2013. The day of my eighteenth birthday, the most exciting day I’ve ever experienced. The beginning of the day wasn’t an extraordinary one, in fact it was a little less than ordinary, and I was severely wishing that the afternoon would be exponentially more interesting. I was sitting in my last hour of the day, that horrendous AP English class, listening to yet again another Beowulf lecture from Ms. Calvin. It was ridiculous to try and concentrate in that class with it always being 45° and the fake wood seats that are naturally cruel to your back and anus. Now I also had to try and fight down thoughts of my birthday along with it. And of course the class drug on for about 3 hours as is only normal when you’re ready to head out somewhere. However just like it always had the previous days the bell rang at 3:05 and I was out the schools doors at 3:06. I bolted to my car avoiding the stampede of Jr. High students behind me. I make it to my car in one piece only to find my best friend Madelyn waiting for me there.
Madelyn was the queen of surprises and yet again I was startled and somewhat worried as to how she got in to my car. I opened the door and the putrid stench of one week old taco bell stuffs my nostrils. I knew my car was a disgusting mess but that was the last thing on my mind at the moment. Like several days before this one Madelyn was expecting me to take her home, and like several times before, I did. Our conversation on the way there was dull and nothing more than senseless chatter, but as we pulled in to her steep driveway she told me she had a gift inside waiting for me. I was awestruck yet rather confused. Madelyn had told me the gift she wanted to get for me was unobtainable. However as I stepped through...

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...r my friends, and my phone, both of which seemed to be MIA. Eventually I find the others waiting for me at the doors trying to usher me out quickly so that we might be able to leave before the onslaught of cars. We make our way out to the vehicle and once more pile pack ourselves in this time not caring about the limited space; it seemed like we had a mile in either direction to move freely compared to how tightly smashed we were in the concert. As we left the only thing I can remember of the car ride back was the faint lull of the radio and how comfortable my arm was against Benny’s leg. I barely remember waking up as I arrived at my house, walked through the door, and crumbled onto my snug, alluring bed. My last thoughts on this glorious day were of how much I needed to thank Madelyn and the spectacular beginning of my lifetime this ushered in on my 18th birthday.