Imagination In 'House Of Usher And House Taken Over'

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Have you been through times when you could not go to sleep because of the horror movies that you have watched that day?Why do we start to get scared after watching something that we know is fictional?Why we don't think logically? That's when Imagination takes over.An action of forming new ideas,images,or concepts of external objects that aren't present to the senses is known as imagination.Though it is not harmful as many psychologists believe. Imagination is important and good because it ignites passion,stimulates creativity and innovation According to most phycologists but when imagination takes over reasoning(thinking something in a logical way) it becomes frantic. To support my believe I used two short stories “House of Usher” and”House taken over”.The first story”Fall of House of Usher”which is a gothic story includes characteristics like death and decaying setting,haunted houses/castles,madness,ghost and vampires etc. The second story that will also support my believe is “House taken over” which is based on magical realism and have traits such as describing unordinary events as ordinary events, is based on everyday…show more content…
After watching that movie fear took over and I could not go to sleep thinking that what if that evil was following me which at that time was very scary for me to imagine but now when I think of it I laugh at myself and think how dopey I was to believe my

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