Imagery In Science

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Jeanne Achterberg wrote a marvelous piece of work that dealt with the roles in which imagery plays in the field of medical practice. Imagery has been seen as a productive catalyst for provoking people’s imagination into perceiving different emotions and inducing numerous changes in our bodies. History of imagery as a vital medication, how imagery can positively affect people physically, the use of imagery as a method of psychotherapy, are a few of the major points that Jeanne articulates for researchers to comprehend regarding this useful and effective medical practice.
The use of imagery in medicine dates all the way back to the days of Galen as well as Aristotle. Galen was the pioneer of the study dealing with how health can be affected by our imaginations. He found that when people are seeing images of great loss and tragedy then people are often found to be in a somber mood and headed into a dark place, which increased poor health condition. An excess of humorous images and thoughts Galen said, were positive attributes for people to break out of a negative health cycle and boosted health conditions from poor to well.
The human body’s physiology change from imagery was dissected carefully in this work as well. Numerous studies have been performed dealing with this, but one stood out the most in chapter four. Jeanne wrote about a study that was performed where people were told to think carefully and detailed about imagining themselves physically lifting weights and exercising. These people performing the imagery test were found to have had an increase in their muscle tensions within their body, alterations in their blood glucose levels, and other changes in their body.
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...tem. Now I know that actually changing our mental images while we are in bad health can speed our recovery time as much as regular medication can, if not more so. I believe that this should be told to more patients so that they can work hard on their imagination during a tough time so that they could get better even faster than they think.
Imagery In Healing created a lasting impact upon me that will never dissipate. My views upon science and the area of imagination have grown immensely. The use of imagination to affect the human health system requires a psychological commitment to impact us physically according to many researchers, doctors, and scientists. The garnering of mental thought and image was closely analyzed and portrayed within this work to explain the science behind how our bodies can experience physical change in a reasonable and interesting fashion.
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