Imagery In Lord Byron's 'She Walks In Beauty'

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An English poet, Robert Bridges, once determined the purpose of imagery in his quote: “Poetry 's magic lies in the imagery which satisfies even without interpretation, it is accepted as easily as it was created.” In order to make a literary work successful, readers must be interested; for that purpose, poets use their eloquence to craft a vivid image in the poem. Lord Byron in his poem “She walks in beauty” uses imagery to paint an image of a beautiful lady in the reader’s mind, for that matter, he efficiently applies the concepts of diction, metaphors, similes, and a personification. Word choice is an important element when creating a descriptive image. The words which Lord Byron thoughtfully selected for his poem “She walks in Beauty”, efficaciously assisted him in creating a complete image of an attractive lady. Byron uses word “climes” (2) rather than…show more content…
In that line author is talking about how calm, soft her speech and silent is, yet it is fervent. Perhaps he wanted to say that her body language and speeches are very meaningful, and “eloquent” is the word that combine in itself softness and expression. The adjectives which Lord Byron used for the poem “She walks in beauty” helped him in describing the women the best not just her physical beauty but the insight as well. Without the use of adjectives this work would be very “dry” with no colours, emotions, or feelings. This paper proved that Lord Byron’s use of diction, metaphors, simile, personification, and adjectives created an image of a beautiful lady in the heads of his readers. In the poem “She walk in beauty” Lord Byron verifies his ability in applying the concept of imagery and brilliantly creates an image of the beautiful lady. Imagery that was created with the use of many literary devices can be pointed out as an excellent example for many poets from before and for
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