Image Quality Assessment

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For effective color image processing, proper selection and use of color space is necessary so that IQA results are HVS consistent [15].
A. HSI Color space
RGB and CMY color models are designed for hardware implementations. They are not used for describing colors by human. Further human being cannot think of three primary colors those are combined to result into a specific color. HSI color space decouples color and intensity information and rearranges the geometry of RGB so that it becomes more intuitive in color description [14]. In fact, human beings describe color by its hue, saturation and brightness or value. Hue is the dominant wavelength of light that enters into human eye. Hence the color perceived by human is represented by hue. Saturation defines the purity of color perceived. It is given by the amount of white light mixed with hue. Hue and Saturation together give the chrominance information while as intensity is also called as luminance or brightness.
B. YIQ and YUV Color spaces
YUV and YIQ both decouple the color image information into a lu...
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