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Every nurse should be apprehensive with the general image of nursing. It is to be said that nursing is reflected to be the most trust, honest and ethical profession. Throughout time nurses have had many images ranging from negative to positive. If people would say that nursing is only for prostitutes, they would also say that nurses are saviors. However, nurses work in an acutely stressful setting and must take out their duties in a professional manner to ascertain appropriate strategies are followed throughout their schedules. They also have a significant amount of responsibility that comes with their vocation. The image of nursing portrays how individuals see the nurses. Nurses must secure and constantly enhance their image by completely putting forth a concentrated effort to their profession each day. Nurses finish thorough course studies to acquire the capacity to oversee themselves and lead others towards a shared objective; a higher quality image of nursing. Nursing was not once observed as it is observed today. In the past circumstances being a nurse was extraordinary undermined, and through leaders in the profession they have possessed the capacity to make the image they illustrate today. Some still consider nursing to be to a lesser extent of a profession than others, yet this is the place nurses can control what the image comprises of by overseeing themselves and also their environment. If a nurse sees her profession in a negative way, there is a minimal chance of her overcoming the hurdles. If she makes it simple yet positive, she starts seeing an impact on others. For example, when a nurse first meets a patient, just greet them, and give a brief introduction of yourself as a nurse. It would be great if the nurse incl... ... middle of paper ... and better everyday. It does not matter how educated, talented, rich or cool you believe you are how you treat people ultimately tells it all. The image of nursing has changed for the great throughout the year, and will keep on changing when nurses stand up and demand better portrayal, and that will just happen when nurses’ self-esteem progresses. It’s a great opportunity to begin acting like the experts we are. How about we treat our patients ourselves and our profession with nobility and honor. How about we convey ourselves with satisfaction. It would be better if a writer of the show tends to depict nurses as self-confident and powerful a much better version of the nurse’s character than had earlier been taken. Furthermore, how about we leave out of date generalizations of nursing before. It’s an ideal opportunity to move nursing’s image into what’s to come.

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