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“I’m the king of the castle” is a famous book written by Susan Hill. She was born in Yorkshire in 1942. This book is the story of two eleven years old children, the main characters that are in a continuous fight. The first boy is called Edmund Hooper and he is the bully, he is the one who is always starting the arguments; then we have Charles Kingshaw who is the victim of Hooper and he is the one who is going to pay the consequences of their infinite fights. The boys are similar in many ways, such as their stature, age and home address; but are also very different in fact Edmund is babyish and dependent, whilst Charles is more mature and independent. I don’t fully agree with the statement because in my opinion the two boys are very different, for instance when Hooper fell off the castle wall Charles was careless but at the same time he kind of felt sorry whilst when Hooper sees Charles dead in the middle of the stream he is finally joyful and is proud of himself for making that happen: “a spurt of triumph went through him”. The two boys are similar for many reasons, in fact they have the same age and stature and they also live in the same house. These two boys are living a parallel situation because they both have no siblings and lost a parent, Edmund his mother and Charles his father, and the parents they have left don’t care about them, they have no love or affection from the last members of their families. They are also very comparable when we are talking about their character. They both are very aggressive towards each other; the two preteen boys are very lonely and we can notice it when the boys go to their secret rooms because they want to stay alone, they are also very lonely because none of them has friends. Their lone... ... middle of paper ... ...ld not have imagined the charm it afforded him, having Kinghaw here, thinking of things to do to him”; this suggests that Hooper is a mean person who is also very selfish since he doesn’t care about anyone except himself and we can notice this when Charles and Helena move to his and his father’s house because he sends a message to Kingshaw with written “I DID NOT WANT YOU TO COME HERE”. This also suggests that Edmund sees Charles as an intruder and he wants him to be hurt and sent away. To conclude I think that these two kids are very different even though they have the same age, a similar stature and the same lack of affection from their parents. We could say that Charles is ‘the good guy’ that towards the end is sick of ‘the bad guy’ (Edmund) and so he starts to be mean. As I said before we could compare Kingshaw to the prey of Hooper who would be the predator.

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