I'm Sorry

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Bryan stomped the snow off his boots as soon as he reached the front porch of his house. It was 10 pm on a school night and school had ended hours ago. After all the snow had fallen off his boots Bryan then grabbed the freezing door handle and forced himself into the house. “Where were you all these hours,” asked his dad as soon as Bryan stepped foot in the house, “ Do you even know what time it is?” “Yes, I do Murray,” answered Bryan as he rolled his eyes. He did not like the fact that his dad was always questioning about Bryan’s life and why he’s always home late . “So where were you?” Murray asked again, this time slowly getting up from their worn out sofa. “Are you hungry? I can heat something up if you’d like.” “None of your business,” Bryan snapped back, “And I am 17 years old, I can take care of myself better than you can Murray,” and with that Bryan made his way upstairs to his bedroom. Bryan slammed his bedroom door shut and settled himself down in his bed. As he laid down, he could hear the sound of his dad’s cough echoing throughout the entire house. As Bryan closed his eyes, he couldn’t help but to picture the hurtful expression on his dad’s face when Bryan said that he could take better care of himself more than Murray can. Bryan turned to his side as he shook the thought out of his head. From downstairs Bryan could hear the sound of his dad’s cane as it hits their rusty old floor. Bryan and his dad’s relationship was not always like this. When B... ... middle of paper ... ...ave a new start. Love, Your Dad Tears fell down Bryan’s face after he was done reading it. He knew that his dad loved him and that his dad still cared about Bryan even if Bryan didn’t care about him. “I am sorry dad,” Bryan said, “I am sorry for everything I had said to you. It was my fault, not your fault so you shouldn’t be the one to say ‘I’m sorry’; it should be me. I should be the one who is sorry.” Bryan knew that no matter how sorry he was his dad cannot be bring back to life. He learned a very special lesson that night in the hospital and that is to treasure something because one day it might disappear. As Bryan walked out of the hospital, he felt emptiness in his heart and he knew that that emptiness will forever be there.
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