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The society faces all issues is like a link of a chain. Every issue is connected to another, no matter directly or indirectly. The mosteffectiveissuesare illiteracy. Illiteracy is the main of all issues as it gives birth to many other issues like poverty, unemployment, child labor, gender inequity,and others. A person aged seven and above, who cannot read and write with any understanding in any language, is treated as illiterate. For instant, The particle who is Pavlova Larisa Vladimirovna, states that” Down With Illiteracy” with society and its role in the eradication of illiteracy in the Orenburg region in the 1920-1930-S. It article mentioned considered the contribution of literacy elimination of the region as they studied determined by the insufficient funding and low initiative of the people. The incompatibility of strict centralization is directive with the public. Next, from International Electronic Journal of Health Education’s sources, authorized by Tripathi, Vrijesh; Nandan, Deoki,the world has a population of 6 billion and India has a population of 1 billion. The factors that led to this population explosion and the complex links between population growth rates and levels of development instead of many evidence to concern for the poor women it is supposed to serving India in one family. It began was made in 1952 and Intrauterine Contraceptive Device, IUCD was initiated in 1965. About 100 million married women have an unmet need for family planning. By according National Policy of Education -1986, mentioned that the people must be have education to reduce the rate of literacy. The National Literacy Mission came in year 1988 and started striving to involve all sections of the community in the literacy. And also in 1992 Ed...

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...-economic and ethnic conflicts that frequently surface in the region. And also, Carl Dahlman & Anuja Utz (2005) conclude that outside view of India’s concern on global scale, recognizes India’s achievements, but sees a tremendous potential that is yet to be unleashed. India-led needed process of coordination and integration of the different reforms, institutional regime and combining those in the economic with the many initiatives as it to be more functional to any significant strategy. Then, We should faces the problem of illiteracy to avoid the people is going to suffer to their life anymore as well as government of India was must be provide a all aspects of a blue plan to change the poverty, stereotype and gender inequities of peoples as enter to a new general century with growth the rate of education, increase the rate of economy and the rate of poverty dropped.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that illiteracy is the most effective issue as it gives birth to many other issues like poverty, unemployment, child labor, gender inequity, etc.
  • Explains that india has 287 million illiterate adults, the largest population globally is 37% in the world.
  • Explains that illiteracy of females was associated with maternal care and infant mortality rates. the micro-level study supported all major findings obtained for the national aggregate data.
  • Explains that high literacy rates about women in india led to lower infant mortality rates and enlarged the status of women's domestic life.
  • Analyzes how gender inequities and stereotypes of parents affected the poverty rate in india.
  • Explains that child development was influenced by increasing the rate of poverty, and maternal and paternal unemployment negatively impacted receptive communication and cognition.
  • Argues that literacy is a major problem faced by the developing world, especially africa and south-east asia.
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