Illiteracy: An American Tragedy

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534 words

Illiteracy is still prevalent here in the United States. The U.S Department of Education reported “there are 27million adult Americans who have left school due to their inability to read and write.” “Based on assessments of adult literacy in the United States, about 47%, or 90 million, of American adults have literacy skills that test below a high-school level and are unable to read complex texts, including many health-related materials.”

(Low health literacy is high among Americans- Am J Health-Syst-Pharm)

Because of the lack of awareness, it still remains to go unnoticed. But what are the effects on illiteracy for our century now? The effects are deprivation of an everyday life.

They miss important things, which most of us take for granted. The morning newspaper, greeting cards, or even the special notes our family sends us thru the email. Imagine walking down the street, and not being able to read the signs of a bill-board; it can be very frustrating. They are isolated from the world. They do not know how to reach out for assistance.

Statistics shows, the majority of th...

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that illiteracy is still prevalent in the united states. the u.s. department of education reports that 27 million adult americans have left school due to their inability to read and write.
  • Analyzes the effects of illiteracy on americans, stating that they are isolated from the world and do not know how to reach out for assistance.
  • Explains that the majority of adults living with illiteracy come from low-income backgrounds and experience financial hardship which makes it impossible for them to afford an education.
  • Opines that the rise in adult illiteracy is causing our government a financial burden to the economy.
  • Explains that our government is building effective strategies to remedy this situation on adult illiteracy.
  • Describes a few organizations that provide assistance to the community that is struggling with illiteracy.
  • Explains that their elementary school supports read-a-book day, which coincides with ronald regan's "adult literacy awareness month."
  • Explains that illiteracy is not partial to any race, culture, or religion. it can infect and spread to an entire community. the cure is education and awareness.

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