Illiteracy Age Or Literacy Age

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Technology has brought about argument on whether we are in the illiteracy age or literacy age. Why some researchers believe that the younger generation writes far more than any generation before them because of the so much socializing that takes place online, while others who think that this generation has produce more illiterate people, points to social networking as the cause. They believe that social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and so on has attributed to sloppy writing and careless reading. The use of abbreviation or short slangs like lol, brb has become the other of the day.
The use of technology has led more people getting information from blog, which has been criticized by many journalists who doubt the accuracy of the information; and also in this computer age, the use of print dictionaries is fast nose-diving towards oblivion, because every word that is needed is found online. The words are very precise with their examples and one does not need an editor to know what a word means because you can easily look them up online. Students have also learned to understand that they write to the audience and therefore, have to be more creative, persuasive and organizing in their writing in order to get their point across to the audience. It is believed that the previous generation rarely put up a paragraph of their own and most students then, needed an interview before they were able to write something. But with the continuous in class writing in school and online, it has made students become adept in writing.
So many scientists have argued that online reading doesn’t help people. Their research found out that people were just glancing through each page they are reading, picking out individual words and pr...

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... texting, Twitter update, Facebook chats have also affected some students negatively. Most professors in college complain of how students make use of their texting, tweeting or Facebook chatting to put up essay for them, which they consider to be shocking and unacceptable. It might also interest most subjects that blog writers might be biased with their information. Take Fox News and MSNBC for example, whoever wants to get the accurate information may not trust either news network because they are sometimes biased and aims at promoting the different agenda of the groups they support either conservatives for Fox News or Liberals for MSNBC.
Finally, it would be fair to say that technology has both positive and negative impacts. But it okay to say that it has provided more positive impact in our society today and therefore makes people overlook it negative sides.
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