Illiberalisl Democracy: The Rise Of Illiberal Democracy

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The rise of illiberal democracy is about how democracy for some countries has become illiberal democracy. Free and fair elections have become the majority and so what happens is the majority gains power and the citizen’s natural rights are completely abuse and ignore. Zakaria mentions that “Leaders in these countries have argued that they need the authority to break down feudalism, split entrenched coalitions, override vested interests, and bring order to chaotic societies” ( Zakaria 32). Illiberal democracy is on the rise is growing fast especially in the third world countries where leaders feel having more power would actually aid in changing its countries into a more liberal democracy. Today more than half of the countries in the world are illiberal democracies. Illiberalism is nowhere near going away it’s actually a mixed of democracy and illiberalism. So what happening is the majority are electing these dictators into office which are going as extreme as restrictions on speech, assembly and etc. Zakaria believed that in order to truly have a liberal democracy they should be strong base for checks on the power of each branch of government, equality under the law, impartial courts and tribunals and the separation of church and state. The truth is that an illiberal democracy doesn’t cater to all races, to which really cause more problems. Zakaria also mentions to democracy, but democracy does not seem to bring constitutional liberalism. In contrast to the Western and East Asian paths, during the last two decades in Latin America, Africa and parts of Asia dictatorship with little black ground in “Constitutional liberalism have given way to democracy.( Zakaria 28)”. Most countries today are in face democratic, but actually have s...

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...ghts. Democracy play a huge role in women suffrage because it was a major setback for women and their right giving us limitation to what we were entitled to partake, but liberalism allow us the right to fight for our rights and equality to earn the same rights as men. Women and minorities were allowed to vote or basically partake in any political issues. We were both segregated and suffer great deals.
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