Illegal Immigration and Ways to Stop It in the United States

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Illegal Immigration Undocumented immigration, is the act of entering the United States without government permission also called illegal immigration. Currently illegal immigration to the United States has been on the rise, with an estimate of nearly 11.7 million aliens in 2013 and increasing daily. The greatest numbers of illegals come from the Central Americas (Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala), and Asia (China, Korea, India, Philippines). The United States is an extremely sought after destination, where there is a better opportunity of providing improved lives for themselves and their children. They sometimes come for economic reasons or are pushed out of their country due to political oppression back home. This can cause chain immigration, where one or two members of family will immigrate to America, secure themselves financially and later help the rest of the family to join them in America, increasing immigration exponentially. Sooner or later though, this will cause problems. The problems with illegal immigration far outweigh its benefits to America. One problem that is most infuriating to many Americans is that illegal aliens are taking jobs away from U.S citizens, of course while paying next to nothing in taxes. While barely paying any taxes, they merrily receive billions of dollars worth of free education, free health care, free housing assistance and free food stamp benefits. Meanwhile, most our dollars are sent out to other countries in the billions. What did we do to stop illegal immigration? In 1986, the total number of illegal immigrants living in the US were around 5 million, then from the time President Ronald Reagan signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act, the number of illegal immigrants increased to nearly 2... ... middle of paper ... ... America must speak English, just as France did with french. Another less probable solution, is striving for a nation-state, instead of our multinational-state. Multinational-states attract many foreigners such as the Chinese because within the borders they can almost see another mini-china just without the push factors or including the pull factors. One culture, language, tradition, and ethnicity can help unify the country. For example, American culture can be taken back to its roots of justice, truth and liberty, to the words of the founding fathers, back to the American patriotic spirit it was established upon, not just hotdogs and football. Just as a person that holds his own Identity and freewill, so no one else can take his identity and dominate him, America can do the same, unify under one nation and make known the spirit she rides upon, Liberty and Justice.
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