Illegal Immigration Should Be Closed Off

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Illegal immigration has been a big problem in the United States and the number of immigrants keeps on increasing. Many Americans have mixed feelings on this debatable issue. Some think that Illegal Immigration benefits the economy while many others believe that they are more of a burden than a help. According to the Illegal Immigration Statistics website, there is a population of 11.7 million illegal immigrants living in the United States as of March 2012. All of the 11.7 illegal immigrants do not pay taxes, but they utilize Americans taxes in many government programs. Illegal immigration does not benefit the economy and should be a door that should be closed off. The illegal immigration statistics website says, “In NJ the average cost to educate a kid is about $14,000 per year plus about another $17,000 for English as a 2nd language classes” (2014). This means that on average it cost a total of $31,000 to educate a child of an illegal immigrant that does not pay into taxes. This is one reason why illegal immigrants are not good for the economy. There is an average of 11.7 million illegal immigrants living in the United States not including the children they have. They could have one or two or many more children that are not included in this data. The illegal immigration statistics website goes on to say, “aside from not including that $17,000 for English as a second language cost, I did NOT add in the costs for all the welfare benefits they get like about $180 per month per child in food stamps, $125 or more for heat, $120 or more for electric a cash allowance of about $500 (based on only 2 kids), a free cell phone valued at $25 a month, a free land line phone valued at about $60 a month, cable TV for $30 a month, etc.” (20... ... middle of paper ... ...liens in America. The government should try to reform the legal immigration system, enhance border security, and concentrate on the workplace enforcement. Granting amnesty will still not benefit the economy the way it should because most illegal immigrants will still be living in poverty and utilizing government programs. Illegal immigration may have some smaller benefits, but the amount of money the country has and will put out will hurt the economy. In any direction the government plans to move it will on result in the loss of funds. The cost to deport each illegal immigrant is to expensive and stricter border control also requires a large amount of funding. Amnesty has not worked in the past and will only result in more citizens living in poverty. Illegal immigration is a big problem that needs to fixed because it does not benefit the country economically at all.

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