Illegal Immigration Persuasive Essay

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It is my opinion that illegal immigration has become one of the scourges of today’s society in America. According to many sources, such as the Federation for American Immigration Reform, illegal immigration is actually a crime. In my view, anyone who participates in the crime of hoarding an illegal immigrant should be fined or even imprisoned for a year or more, with multiple offenses. Not only do these people overstay their welcome, but they crowd our classrooms and steal our jobs. Unless an individual from the Mexico border has been granted citizenship and licensed to live in America, then they shouldn’t bother to face the consequences should they be caught. I firmly believe that illegal immigrants should not be allowed to stay in the United…show more content…
In modern times, illegal immigrants cost taxpayers billions of dollars each year. Immigrants of every kind use welfare to get by, which happens to be a main cause for the sudden rise in tax expenses. Illegal immigrants have a higher welfare use rate at 57 percent than native households in the sense of food stamps and Medicaid, but lower in the case of cash programs at just 23 percent. Because of this, restrictions on government benefits are not enforced, as they should be. Another problem is the way food stamps are handled when it comes to illegal immigrants. Companies responsible for food stamps sympathize with these people because they happen to be “vulnerable” to the plight of applying for these benefits. Food stamps are no longer seen as helping poor families receive proper nutrition because illegal immigrants have taken advantage, causing the companies to feed off of their dependency instead of those actually in need, such as poor families and the elderly. Illegal immigrants are not eligible for any assistance regarding healthcare, and therefore cannot get federal subsidies to buy health insurance or shop for coverage. However, nonprofit groups are beginning to see through this, and are offering medical care to illegal immigrants. While I firmly believe that everyone deserves medical treatment to recover from injuries or illnesses, this is another major reason as to why the cost of…show more content…
Many of these immigrants are seeking asylum or work in this country, and are willing to do the migrant worker and manual jobs that most Americans would not choose to do. When these tasks are performed, immigrants can be - and are - productive and useful members of society. With illegal immigrants, the demand of low wage workers will be fulfilled at all times, thus making for a much better economy. Since immigrants will choose rather unpopular jobs, they will make for a better business and more money. With the help of illegal immigration, the lives of poor migrants will be improved because there will be more help. These people are provided liberty and able to live a free

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