Illegal Immigration Is Necessary For American Society

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Illegal immigration has been a widely discussed topic in politics in the US. Some argue that immigrants are necessary as they take the jobs Americans do not wish to take, and that they therefore should be given permission to stay in the country. Others however, are of the opinion that they should be severely punished seeing as what they are doing is illegal, arguing that the illegal immigrants are taking away jobs from Americans and not paying their taxes. Although there are arguments supporting the claim that undocumented immigrants should be punished, there are many counterarguments for why they should be allowed to stay. The extent of illegal immigration has reached such enormous proportions that a reform of the immigration is vitally necessary for American society. It is not tenable that such a large part of a society 's life contains an irregular and 'illegal ' element, and it is necessary for large numbers of these immigrants to have their lives and their contributions legalized and regularized. One of the main arguments against illegal immigration is that there will be fewer jobs left for the Americans as they demand higher salaries compared to the illegal immigrants and it is only beneficial for the companies, rather than the country as a whole. A counterargument for this is that most of the illegal immigrants take the jobs Americans do not want. And although many Americans may be desperate for work after the financial crisis, there are still many who do not want to do labour or low-paid jobs, such as working at a farm. Many illegal immigrants however, are happy as long as they find work. It is therefore necessary for them to be legalized so that there are enough people within these fields of work. Without the workforce ... ... middle of paper ... ...eople are trying to escape from come about because Mexico is a source for drug traffic going to the US market. Without the drug demand on the 'market place ' there would be fewer problems with such violations in Mexico and central American countries. Americans should rather fight drug demand and drug trafficking than the human beings that are the victims. Although there are arguments for punishing immigrants that come to the US illegally, there is a lot of evidence in support of arguments for why it instead should be legalized. Contrary to common belief they do pay taxes, meaning they have rights to the same benefits. They also take jobs most American citizens avoid. Furthermore many illegal immigrants live in countries that suffer from poverty, and where certain human rights are overlooked. These are all reasons that support the legalization of illegal immigrants.
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